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Invested heavily in a website – but you are still nowhere at Google?

If you have products or services to sell, then you need a website that features in the top 10 results at Google – whether you are a large multi-national company with offices all over the world or an SME in Chesterfield – you can compete using SEO!

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If you have been to Google and searched for SEO Chesterfield you will see the top local companies that offer search engine optimisation – these are the companies you should be talking to as they have proved their knowledge of Google and the requirements in a website that would rank high in the search results.
There are many charlatans operating in this market – and they always have a few successes to quote to you – but their overall knowledge of online marketing and information retrieval is usually very poor.

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Why not have a brand new, responsive website with SEO built-in?

The best way to ensure your website’s success at Google is to have a complete rebuild with SEO in mind – this allows us to use all the techniques we have learned in the last 16 years – there is no better return on investment for your company!

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No doubt you have been “cold called” by the many so-called search engine optimisation companies – but most of those companies are just sales-based firms that know a little about SEO, but a lot about signing people up for several hundred pounds a month. A simple question sorts the good from the bad – “Where are you when one searches Google for search engine optimisation?” Try this, but get ready for flimsy, evasive answers. Remember if they can’t optimise their own site, they probably won’t be able to optimise yours.

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