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If you have a large site that isn’t ranking well in search results, you can face a tough problem trying to improve it. You may be tempted to simply try to fix your site, make small changes, and add some more content to try to optimise your site. However, rebuilding your site from scratch is a much more effective way to do search engine optimisation (SEO) on a site which isn’t ranking well.

Why is it so much better to completely rebuild a site? Because we don’t know all of the factors that search engines use to rank sites, it is quite easily to accidently do something that will get a site ranked very low (especially considering that Google uses over 200 factors to rank sites). When you try to fix your site, you may try doing things like adding more keywords, or improving your internal navigation. You may not actually fix the thing that was making your site rank poorly.

When you completely rebuild your site, you can do so with SEO in mind from the start. Because search engines will recognize that your new site doesn’t match their indexed copy they will completely reconsider it, rather than just adding some more information their existing entry for your site. Your new site will get a fresh consideration, and will have a chance to rank better from the start, rather than trying to climb up from the bottom.

Also, even if there aren’t any major problems with your old site, sometimes there are minor things that can be improved upon in a site redesign. For instance, search engines can’t read any text that is in images or Flash animations. This can be especially bad if your whole site’s navigation is done with images and buttons or with Flash. Having an internal navigation structure which is visible to search engines is important so that they can see and index your entire site. Bad internal navigation is something which is hard to fix in an existing site, but is much easier to implement in a completely new site design.

The exact reasons why a complete redesign may work better for your site really depend on your needs and the state of your current site. However, as you can see, there are many different things which can be wrong with a site (in terms of SEO), which are so much easier to fix when you are completely redesigning a site, rather them implementing a fix into an existing design. Also, it will make your site look better to visitors – not only will you have a fresh look, but it will look much better than if you had tried to take your old design and implement a number of fixes, changes, and additions to it. Contact us to find out why a complete site redesign might be a good option for you.

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